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Knowledge comprises different things, it comprehends the similarities between them, the common pattern, makes it fixed, makes something of it, a thing.

For that, the different parts are pushed together. This may, at first, be a laborious action, yet, eventually, it becomes a matter of course, an automatism, a spontaneous coincidence. So that, in the end, the different elements come to lie directly side by side.

Still, for all others, not engaged in this process and thus not gaining this knowledge, nothing changes with the original constellation.

So different spaces (of knowledge) coexist. Without bordering each other.

Short Distances

Physical formulas and models represent spaces of knowledge. These are structured in a way that allows them to link the relevant data closely together. The distances between the data thus become very short and are done almost automatically. That way, corresponding events can be predicted fast and easily, while in reality, they procede crucially slower, taking much more effort.

Mathematical Formulations

In the natural sciences we are used to structure the spaces of knowledge mathematically. We search for mathematical formulas showing us how things belong together.

This practice has developed in the course of time. Mathematics was reckoned to be the optimum way to express absolutely reliable knowledge. It is made of simple graphical symbols. Combined into rows, drawn on a flat surface, these are in line with the standard lay-out of texts, which are probably the most widespread means to store and convey knowledge.

Mathematics lines up there, even though it often blocks the normal text flow. In general, mathematical terms are separated from verbal expressions, if possible, and gathered into their own systems of equations and the like. Their meaning is grasped, with few additional words, if ever, by insiders, who have learned to handle those formulas the right way.


Mathematics is learned by learning the correct use of the mathematical terms. In this sense, these are and have always been coded instructions, programs.

Secret Signs

Every sign is the invitation to grasp its sense, to turn the key and enter the secret chamber. It intends to lead us to do the right things, to realize its message.

Every being bears such a secret.

Every thing is the door to a new world.

Pulsating Things

All that is perceivable and recognizable appears as a thing. Things gather and distribute. They are center and source of power and activity. Their pulsation keeps the world going. And together.