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Leaps And Loops

While computers process on huge amounts of data, the activity leaps to and fro, forwards and backwards, guided by programs, making sense of the raw material. All the activity ultimately consists of such leaps, every piece of data tells the computer what to do next, where to jump.

Some of these jumps leave the box, they affect the outer world, so to speak, initiate material leaps that move solid bodies, stimulate mental reactions, cause all kinds of activity. Some of these activities may produce new data — fresh food for the computer.

So the computers are part of greater circles, members of a wider community of actors and actions. Activity goes in loops, thus forming figures that are stable because they repeat again and again. These figures give the activity direction and form — and so may very well be regarded as kind of programs .

Leaps And Loops (…)

After all, every activity is a leap, a transition from one state to another.

Every state, however, does exist only when actively maintained. It appears static just because the same activity repeats contstantly.