In And Out

Previously we have already adumbrated a kind of motion which may be described as penetrating or analyzing a thing. In getting closer and closer to a thing, we probably become aware of something like an internal structure or even a regular inner life full of activity. Maybe we discover certain regularities, a plan according to which the whole is constructed, or a program controlling everything.

But the bigger we blow everything up, that is, the deeper we penetrate, the more we lose sight of the big picture. Instead, we find ourselves right in the middle of infinite space, surrounded by an endless variety of things, interacting with them.

Starting from here, we can now take the reverse direction, so to speak: we can recognize certain patterns in the buzz of activity around us, regularities, maybe even laws. Perhaps a plan becomes visible, the program and blueprint of everything. Still, in comprehending the whole as a whole, we finally understand that it is is just one among many, a thing.