Space Of Reference

In the context of the Theory of Relativity, the “space belonging to a body A” was originally named “space of reference”. Today the term “frame of reference” is more usual. But here, the cited approach shall be broadend to a general concept of space. For that purpose we pick up the idea that the so-called “body of reference” remains by definition always at rest.

This conception is now generalized so that for every thing it can be said that in its space it is never subject to any alteration and thus remains always the same.

Seen in this light, the thing is effectively not present in its space; it is perfectly passive, unable to come into appearance, and thus cannot be observed. Though all other things can, in a way that may be called “objective”, insofar as the central thing is the unmovable, so to speak “neutral” observer. All things are determined in reference to it. While the space is the reflection of these relations, representing the properties of all the other things — in reference to the focussed thing.