Human Reality

The human reality is determined by social habits and joint activities. It is carried and formed by the language and many other media, which are made, in the main, for human interactivity. Language, knowledge, and, last but not least, reality, are social phenomena.

Whether or not we want to — we are forced to look even at the non-human reality through the eyes that we have got, eyes that are focussed on human relations and interactions.

And, in fact, we can see ourselves reaching much further than expected. The scope of our kinship is much larger than initially realized.

Indentifying ourselves with humanity rather than with more limited concepts like nations or so may already be a step forward; however, in the end it is just as artificial and limited.

Differentiation is characteristic of knowledge as we know it, definitely. But much more of the essence is that what the distinct things have in common. To consolidate this, sometimes differentiation is appropriate — though still remaining just a secondary function, a product, not the very base of knowledge.