Point Of View

This X-Logic cannot be the ultimate system comprising everything — not even in principle; quite simply because such a thing does not exist. Every image, every model, every system are partial or one-sided.

When we apply a certain model, we try to realize it under the actual conditions. So the outcome should be always the same; we multiply it.

Still, this is what happens only if seen from outside, so to speak. From inside, while using it, the model itself cannot be recognized. There is effectively no way to become aware of it, because it is everywhere, stamping everything. What can be observed — through the model — is instead a diversity of things and their interrelations.

There are always different points of view. Seen from another one a certain thing may appear completely different. So much that it can no longer be called the same thing (or an instance or a copy of it). There do not even have to be something like an integral thing or anything else regularly corresponding. Maybe there is apparently nothing.