Pop-Up Universe

A push on the button — and straight off we find ourselves somewhere else. Brand new spaces open up. We click a certain word and immediately enter immeasurable collections of knowledge, libraries holding answers to never asked questions. Suddenly there is music in the air; a movie starts playing; or someone sends a message, we talk together.

Those buttons, icons, hyperlinks, they are everywhere around us — simple things popping up into a whole universe the moment they are touched.

This is a metaphor for the new world of knowledge and, furthermore, a method that has become indispensable. It is the way in which our knowledge is organized today — rather than in more or less clearly arranged shelves and cases containing books devided into chapters, paragraphs, sentences, words, letters — which, assembled to words, form meaningful phrases and express step by step more and more comprehensive knowledge.

The new method demands and constitutes a new theory. A theory of push buttons, based on a pop-up-logic.