Continual reappearing is necessarily accompanied by continual disappearing. Between a thing’s occurances, even infinitesimal, there have to be gaps. Though these gaps are traditionally no theme in physics, they are actually of crucial importance. They allow outer forces to interact and so to change the otherwise uniform linear motion of a body. Only because this motion is everywhere interrupted, it can flexibly react on everything, conform to everything.

However, if the motion is interrupted again and again — how does it manage to stay normally the same all the time? And where does the body intermittently disappear to? — Well, both questions have in principle the same answer: the thing dissolves into its space, but this is a very special one, with a specific structure that makes the same thing reappear constantly.

The space is the program, so to speak. And the structure is, maybe, a certain short routine being continually initialized and producing always the same output, the same thing. But in between the program permanently resumes control, in order to listen for new user input, for instance, that may affect the routine.