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A space known to have a particular structure becomes a particular and thus somehow distinct space — and therefore some thing in space. That way there may be defined and segregated almost any number of sub-spaces, which, viewed from the other side, unite all together in the one space of knowledge. Thereby they penetrate one another, loosing any sharp distinction between them.

Every thing in space can be regarded as an objectified (sub)space. And every (sub)space is an illimited thing. Space and thing are different aspects of one and the same. Every thing corresponds to a specific space, and vice versa.

So every interaction between things can be considered a penetration or superposition of their spaces. And every appearance of a thing is due to such an interaction. The thing mirrors itself in another thing and so comes into appearance. Which can also be understood as penetration and inducement of its space by another one.

From another angle the same process may be viewed quite the other way round, as an appearance of the other thing. Instead of different “angles of view” we may alternatively speak of different “knowledge spaces” where the respective things appear. Then a thing marks the passage from one space to the other, so to speak, precisely because it can be seen like this and like that. Every thing is a crystallization of several interpenetrating spaces.