Knowledge, activity, thing, and space form the basis of our system, a square. All the four corners are interconnected, so it arises from the crossing of the diagonals the shape of an X. This is a really graphic reason to call the system “X-Logic”.

The intersection of the diagonals, the centre of the quadrilateral, could be regarded as a symbol for unification, thus for the whole that gives the parts their ultimate meaning. It is connected to all the cornerpoints. However, it itself is not a corner, it has no contact to the outer world — and interrupts, in a sense, the direct relationship between diagonally facing vertices.

So, for expressing the whole, the oneness, it makes more sense to move out of the plane and to raise a pyramid. The original planar figure then can be seen as a two-dimensional projection. Which comes into usage mainly if there is only a flat surface available for presentation.

But the more expressive symbol is the pyramid. It is an illustrative model of the x-logic system described here.