What’s This About?

About spaces of knowledge. This term is understood here in a sense that lets almost every representation of knowledge fall under it. So that knowledge always forms kind of a space, it can always be regarded and described as such.

So, what is to say of these knowledge spaces in general? Are there any recurring patterns, overall structures, binding rules, or even fundamental laws, actually?

That is our starting point. And the reason why our investigations should make sense.

Naturally, everything that may be expounded here cannot really be new. It must have been there all the time. And, for sure, many have long noticed this or that here and there. But perhaps not yet quite as a whole. That such a kind of view is very well needed — and realizable too — remains to be seen.*(1)

Where To Start?

There is always something there, we cannot start with nothing. We always move in a — non-empty — space of knowledge. There is always something that we know, that we are certain about, that we rely on.

That is what we call “knowledge”.

How To Continue?

By no means is it ready, time and time again something new is added. Normally things are first published in the blog Prospects, where they may also be commented and discussed. Then most of these posts are inserted in the appropriate chapters, while their contents as well as the classification and almost every other stuff can be subject to continual development.*(2)

Some Basic Concepts

Constantly recurring activity patterns are things. In the end, all things are repeating activity patterns.

Things are the elementary components of knowledge.

Together they constitute a structured space, the space of knowledge.

*(1) Previous releases, not further developed now, are still available here: www.opuzz.org/en/index.html

*(2) The revised versions are accessible by corresponding links in the footers of the original posts. For backwards reference the headlines of the paragraphs should be clicked.